Turbo Wand 8 Speed Massager 110V Light Purple Pearl

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Wand Essentials 8 Speeds Turbo Pearl Massager 110V. The Wand Essentials Turbo Pearl is a variable speed&#44; electric wand massager with a Turbo button that takes your massage to a whole new level! Lay back and find the speed that suits you&#44; press the Turbo button&#44; and let this powerful wand take over with amplified vibration&#44; doubling and tripling the power! You can also create your own pulse pattern by finding your desired setting and pressing the Turbo button over and over again&#44; taking a level 3 speed to a level 8 with a push of a button. Imagine the possibilities! Whether you want a soothing sensation&#44; a deep-tissue massage&#44; or total erotic arousal&#44; the Turbo Pearl Massager delivers powerful pleasure just the way you want it. <br /><br />Measurements: 12.5 inches overall length&#44; 2.42 inches diameter massage head Materials: Thermoplastic Rubber TPR&#44; ABS plastic. Color: Light Purple Pearl. Please note runs off common household current 110V - US Voltage